Water Attractors

Water Attractors
Another Gravity Online Game

Second in Our Series of Online Gravity Games and Physics Games

Water Attractors Online Gravity Game - Strategy, hints, tricks

Water Attractors is like the Attractors free online gravity game, which we reviewed previously (follow the link). The strategy and play is similar to that in Attractors, except the water particles are a bit slower, and are weighted more heavily. Like Attractors, you can play the Water Attractors online game for hours, trying different arrangements of play paddles and gravity planets. We have some strategy, tricks and tips for this game (not cheats) in the review of Attractors and they apply to Water Attractors, with some variations accounting for the different physical characteristics of the water drops.

In Water Attractors, the paths of the water drops are shown with blue tails, almost like comets, and they form game designs on the screen. The Water Attractors gravity water drops are shot out at the top left and then then go down towards paddles - the planets serving to attract and alter their paths.

Here are some of the tips, tricks, hints and strategies for the Water Attractors online gravity game.

  • Attractors Paddle Arrangements: The paddles can be moved or tilted. Play with them a bit to try different arrangements.

  • See Saw: You can get most of the Water Attractors water drops balls to balance on a paddle like a see saw and put the planets above. However, there are a few that are heavier, and we have not gotten the to remain balanced yet.

  • Close-Paddles - Lean the paddles so one is almost vertical and the other is facing it. Tilt one slightly and the Water Attractors water drops slide in between them. Use the planets to pull towards one side or the other..

  • Endless loop: An endless loop can almost be created placing the two planets close to each other. However, some droplets are heavier and others too light to remain in orbit and tend to get loose. Position the paddles in a "V" shape to keep the droplets in orbit.

You can play the game here: Water Attractors Online Gravity and Physics Game.


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