Flash Element TD Strategy

The Flash Element TD online game is a fun and yes addictive Warcraft tower defense type of game. Here are some more hints, tips, cheats and strategy for the Flash Element TD game.

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There now are zillions of Flash Element TD tower defense game play videos floating around. We picked out some of the most instructional videos on Flash Element TD game higher level strategy, tips and cheats if you call them that.

Through way too extensive experimentation we have found three strategies and the average point range that is attained:

Combo Tower Defense Weapons: In this Flash Element TD game strategy, you build combo towers. It is a lot of fun, but requires using woods to research each type of weapon - without accumulating interest. The result is a relatively low score potential. In this Flash Element TD game strategy or cheat or trick, you use your woods to buy each successive weapon research, buy all three and then start building combo weapon towers as needed. The optimal location for the combo weapon towers in Flash Element TD game is in the center of the maze because of their large range. Always upgrade because the fire much more quickly. Watch them blast away at the baddie creeps. A lot of fun. In the earlier rounds, use fire towers and arrow towers, or cannon towers. Then in the last round, start selling everything you can before the last baddie creep is eliminated, so you can get more gold interest. If you are really good at this, you can get up to the 20,000 s of points. Not that great, but a lot of fun.

Here is a combo tower Flash Element TD strategy, using overlapping combo towers at the center of the roads, and a lot of water towers spread around the paths to slow down the baddie creeps. We have found that if you want to build up a lot of points, avoid combo towers, and instead use woods to buy interest, and maybe fire towers. But combo towers are a lot of fun!

Fire Tower Defense Weapon Strategy: In this Flash Element TD tower defense game strategy or cheats if you call it that, research fire towers with the first or second wood. Then start placing the fire towers at strategic locations and upgrading as needed. Remember not to buy or upgrade more than you need, since the more gold saved, the more interest earned. Among our favorite locations for the fire tower defense weapon trick is the upper right of the maze. We also like the lower right where the baddie creeps have to slow down. Use the overlapping tower trick to really pack them in. In the last round, start selling like crazy at the end to get more final round gold interest. If you really play this strategy smart, you can get 70,000 - 100,000+ gold in the end. Pretty good, but not the most lucrative Flash Element TD tower defense game gold accumulation strategy.

Cannon Tower Defense Weapons Strategy: With this strategy rely exclusively on cannon towers, with air or fire towers as needed on air rounds. In this Flash Element TD tower defense game strategy you have to use the overlapping weapon tower trick. Basically build canon towers like crazy. Our favorite spots are the uppper right and lower left, as with the fire tower defense strategy. By the end though you have covered the whole maze with canon towers anyway. This strategy we find is not as much fun, but produces the highest gold point scores if done well. 100,000 gold is easily attainable and 170,000-250,000 can be reached too, all without Flash Element TD hacks or cheats :)

Here are some other Flash Element TD Tower Defense game tricks, tips, hints, not cheats:

  • Sell weapons not needed for next rounds

  • Overlap weapons

  • Use woods to buy interest, not weapons upgrades, until later rounds

  • Position weapons in upper right of board

  • Use cannons, and on air rounds buy a lot of air cannons and sell them at end of round


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