Attractors - Gravity Game

Attractors - Playing With Gravity Online Game

First in a Series of Online Gravity Games and Physics Games

Strategy, hints, tricks for the Attractors Online Gravity Game

Attractors is a fun, free, online gravity or physics game. You can play this game for hours, trying different arrangements of planets, paddles and weighted balls. We have some strategy, tricks and tips for this game (not cheats).

The basic idea of the Attractors gravity game (physics game) is that dozens of gravity balls having different weights are shot out of the upper left corner, towards the right. Following the rules of physics, the Attractors gravity balls follow arcuate paths down, reflecting the increasing speed as gravity has on any falling ball. The paths of the gravity balls are shown in sticky trails, forming game designs on your play surface.

The Attractors gravity game balls are shot out and then go down towards paddles. Two game paddles are provided that the player can arrange in any fashion. In addition, there are two planets in the Attractors game. The two planets in the Attractors gravity game, or physics game, have a high mass and tend to attract the gravity game balls. So the paths of the game balls are altered by the positions of the Attractions gravity game planets.

Try different arrangements of planets and paddles to create different patterns. Remember the basic laws of physics, momentum and gravity and you can create stunning artworks. Here are some strategy hints and tricks for the Attractors gravity or physics game.

  • Attractors Paddle Arrangements: The paddles can be moved or tilted. Play with them a bit to try different arrangements.

  • Close-Paddles - Lean the paddles so one is almost vertical and the other is facing it. Tilt one slightly and the Attractors gravity balls slide in between them. You can use the gravity planets to pull them towards one side.

  • Endless loop: Position the two gravity planets close to each other near the gravity ball source. This channels the balls between them, and then position a paddle directly underneath. The balls all stay above the paddle as the gravity planets attract the balls, and any getting loose bounce back up off the paddle. Looks like an atom. Eventually you can move the paddle downwards and the gravity balls stay within the gravitational attraction of the planets for a long time.

  • See Saw: You can get the Attractors gravity balls to balance on a paddle like a see saw and put the planets above.

You can play the game here: Attractors Playable Gravity Game.


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