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The Stock Market Game
Online Educational Stock Market Trading and Investing Simulation Game

Continuing with our series on investing, finance and business games, here we review a valuable interactive educational program that takes place over ten weeks - called The Stock Market Game. It is designed for students from Kids to Teenagers to learn the principles of financial and business investment in a business and stock market simulation game context. A small registration fee may be required and the front page is shown in the picture.

The skills taught in The Stock Market business and stock market investing simulation game include:

  • Mathematics: including calculation and estimating skills, amounts of money, stock graphs, and charts.

  • Economics: including financial markets and institutions, such as the stock exchange and bond market, principles of business supply and demand, profit and loss, opportunity cost, and the operation of stock and capital markets.

  • Personal Business and Finance: financial budgeting, investing, financial and business decision-making

  • Social Sciences: including economics, government, world history, U.S. history, geography, and current events

  • Business Education: including decision-making, overview of the securities markets and industry, business organization, financial and business record-keeping, investing, marketing, finance, financial statements and stock market simulation.

  • Technology: including computer skills, Internet for online research, data entry, email, keyboarding skills, financial and investing simulation and online trading.

Game Data:

Name: The Stock Market GameCategory: Educational business simulation, stock market simulation, investing games.
Instructor Materials: Yes
Ages: Students
Multiplayer: Yes
Cost: Fee



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