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Cathy's Book Alternative Reality Game (ARG)
or Cathy's Book: If Found Call 650-266-8233

Really, that's the title of the book that starts the online game: "Cathy's Book: If Found Call 650-266-8233". We'll call it the "Cathy's Book" game for shorthand.

This online game is in the "ARG" genre or Alternative Reality Games - mixing free cyberspace hunting with the game, and some opportunity for real world action. In this review, we will provide links to clues, hints, and spoilers to get started and have fun with this online ARG game.

First watch the Cathy's Book trailers on YouTube... You will find more meaning in it if you play the online game. Here is a user-created video of finding Cathy's book at a bookstore. They call the number on the cover and find out what happens.

The access code for the phone number reportedly is "1234". So when you call the number, enter the code when Cathy's answering machine asks you to enter the code. This will take you into the secret world of the Cathy's Book ARG online game.

The book description gives a hint of the online game to come: "combines reading with a world of Internet gaming to create a masterful new genre ... to take the story from the page into the world of cyberspace and beyond."

To start out the game for free before buying the book, you also can go to You will find the first clues there. One is buy the book to get the evidence packet of shredded photo, lipstick stained napkin, and other items of value. The other big clue is to go to Why go there? When you get there, it says "UNDER CONSTRUCTION", but don't let that fool you. Surf around a bit and you'll get the idea.

Well we'll tell you.... Lot's of hints and clues there. Some spoilers too. First click on "Who We Are" and look at the two biographies. Emma, who has the color sense that makes "investors go all swoony and beg her to pull checks from their sweaty hands". Hmmm. Kind of a strange bio for a wireless phone company. But this is not your ordinary phonte company. The other bio is for Cathy Vickers, the brains of the operation. What kind of operation is this anyway? Think spy agency.

Next click on Forums, and you get to the guts of the game. There, find Access Codes and quick references, speculation and discussion, help and the opportunity to meet other players.

There are a number of other in-game sites like and the UK site at There you will find in-game phone numbers to call and access codes. Another good cheat/hit page on doubletalkwireless forum is at: There you will find more numbers and access codes for Cathy's Book and links to in-game websites and out-of-game websites. As always be wary of misdirection and false clues or cheats

A good FAQ is in And a timeline is at

To Buy the book:
Cathy's Book: If Found Call 650-266-8233


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