Flash Element TD

Flash Element TD
A fun, simple Warcraft inspired Tower Defense Flash Game

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Flash Element TD is a fun, free online Tower Defense flash game. The flash game has an engaging simplicity about it - selecting and building towers to defend the maze against wave after wave of baddies called "creeps". I have played this free online flash game way too much, and provide tips, hints, strategy and solutions for achieving the higher levels in the game here, some cheats ... keep reading.

Recently, an upgrade has been implemented to Flash Element TD. With the upgrade you can buy extra lives, critical at the higher levels. New creeps (baddies) added as well.

The Flash Element TD game is loosely based on the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called Warcraft. The object of the Flash Element TD game is to survive creeps waves, where the creeps become increasingly difficult to destroy. By building battle towers at strategic locations you can survive to higher levels of the game. As a part of the strategy in Flash Element TD, you need to save gold, in order to earn more interest at the end of each round. However there is a trade-off of saving to building in Flash Element TD. If you do not build enough, you lose, but if you do not save, you cannot build.

Each of the towers in Flash Element TD game have advantages and weaknesses against particular baddies. Before an air attach you are forewarned, and must make sure you have good defenses since the earth towers and the cannons do not work against air attack. Some baddies are "immune" to water towers too. However, water towers are extremely valuable, because they do damage and slow down the creeps - enhancing the strength of the other towers since you can get off more shots before the creeps are out of range.

Here's how the flash game works: You start out with an empty maze, twenty lives and some spending gold. Build some towers and hit "start" or "next level". The creeps (or baddies) come through and your towers blast away.

Here is a hint: if it looks like you did not build enough towers, you can add extras DURING the round. You also can upgrade. So before the creeps pass you by, you can add a tower to get them.

Here are some of the hints, clues and strategy for playing the Flash Element TD online flash game and have a lot of fun doing it.

One strategy is to optimize the towers you build. Note that you get bigger bang for each extra piece of gold. However, I also have found that with the stronger towers like fire and water towers, a larger number of towers is better than optimizing in playing the Flash Element TD game. The reason is that some waves of baddie creeps are really fast, and the towers can't fire fast enough to get them all. So in later rounds build a lot of water and fire towers to get them all.

Here is another Flash Element TD strategy hint. Use the minimal number of resources necessary to make it through a level. At higher levels the baddie creeps are really hard to destroy. So you need to build A LOT of fire towers, and water towers to slow them down. I have not found the earth towers to be very useful. However, there is a rumor that they will be upgraded by the authors soon. You also need to save a lot of gold. You will need to use it to buy extra lives at the upper levels. Keep at least 1200 golds in the bank to buy your way out of trouble at 40 pieces per life.

Here are some more playing tips to save your gold and beat online Flash Element TD. Cheats at the end of the list.

  • Use the center part first. It takes longest for the baddie creeps to get through there so you get off more shots.
  • Place your weapons strategically. Pick locations where you can get the creeps twice - like between aisles in the maze. Another tip is to place weapons at turns because the creeps slow down there.
  • Place a few weapons on the last aisle up the right side of the maze. The baddie creeps go faster there, so use water towers to slow them down.
  • When you earn wood in Flash Element TD, you have a choice of learning to build a new tower, or alternatively earning more interest. I have found alternating between learning and interest works best. Try water, then interest, then fire, then interest.
  • An alternative upgrade strategy that can work is Fire, then interest, then interest, then water.
  • Another one that reportedly works well is going for fire, then interest, interest and interest. Not verified.
  • Here is a higher level tip: should have at least a dozen water and fire towers. Those will be your most effective weapons. It is important to have a lot of overlapping firing zones.
  • I particularly like putting a lot of firepower at the lower left of the maze. The baddie creeps have to slow down there a lot. Make that a firing range.
  • Another hint, try not to upgrade weapons much until you fill the screen a lot.
  • It is possible to double or triple the number of towers by overlapping them. You need to be careful in placing them to avoid switching to the upgrade tower on the tower you are trying to overlap. Rumor has it that v2 of online Flash Element TD will eliminate this cheat, meaning the authors view this a glitch too.
  • Another cheat, really a hack, reportedly is to use Cheat Engine, to do a hack. We really don't like score hacking since it skews the leaderboard, so don't recommend this cheat. It is reportedly used to hack the gold level up. You do it by finding the "40" parameter for the starting level of gold in the game. Then buy something, say a canon tower, reducing gold to "31". then find the 31 parameter and you isolated the gold variable. Set it at the level you want and the rest is history.
  • Also see our later article on Flash Element TD Cheats and Strategy.
Update: You can play the game here at Just Online Games: Flash Element TD - A tower defense game. Really convenient and big Bandwidth too!

You also can play at the Novel Concepts site.



QML said...

There is a cheat/hack in Flash TD which allows you to get an unspendable amount of gold. My son tried it and got 34 098 972 gold, 34 123 214 score and 1001 lives. I have a screenshot of the "victory screen" and can explain the hack if need be.

QML said...

There is a cheat/hack in Flash TD which allows you to get an unspendable amount of gold. My son tried it and got 34 098 972 gold, 34 123 214 score and 1001 lives. I have a screenshot of the "victory screen" and can explain the hack if need be.

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