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Perfect Competition is a multi-player interactive online game. In a sense, the business game is a MMORPG, or massively multiple multiple player online game simulation. Players simulate business and stock trading success. The online business game is played via a browser. Players can create the business, and operate it or hire and fire managers, executives, CEOs, all of whom are other players in the game. It is like Donald Trump’s Apprentice, but in which the players are Donald Trump himself – hiring and firing managers, getting financing, setting prices, choosing suppliers, choosing business or real estate locations, buying and selling real estate, taking out business loans to finance the business, such as from banks.

Players of the online business game also can invest a extra cash in stocks and bonds. The business game has a share trading system that functions like a real stock market. Sellers offer stock shares for sale on the stock market and buyers bid on the stock shares, setting the price for the stocks. In other words the stock prices fluctuate depending upon demand, just like in the real stock exchange.

After each round of online game play, the game system ranks the players. For example, in one competition, the winner made $38,000,000 in play cash. In another round, the winner had $214,000,000 in cash.

The online business game was designed via consultation with entrepreneurs and economists. All aspects of real business are simulated, including economics, competitive game theory, accounting, finance, investing, business administration and marketing and human resources management. Among the functions are:

  • Create a company

  • Manage the company as CEO

  • Manage the company as a manager

  • Manage employees

  • Hiring

  • Firing

  • Creating new business units

  • Closing business subsidiaries

  • Inventory control

  • Choosing goods

  • Running Research R&D

  • Buying and selling real estate

  • Transportation management

  • Running an apartment real estate business

  • Choosing suppliers

  • Setting prices for the business or setting rents

  • Marketing and Product branding

  • Paying taxes for the business

  • Monitoring the economy

  • Investing

  • Corporate Finance

  • Stock market investing, stock and bond trading on the stock exchange

  • Analyze financial statements

Game Data:

Name: Business Game
Category: Online Business Simulation Game
Software: Web Browser
Multiplayer: Yes
Cost: Low



Anonymous said...

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SilentK said...

This game is no longer around. It shut down as of April 2009.

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