Flashcraft Tower Defence

Flashcraft Tower Defence
Another entry in the Tower Defense Online Game Genre

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Flashcraft Tower Defence (i.e. Tower Defense) is another entrant into the popular tower defense genre of fun, playable online games. The tower defense game (spelled in this one with a "c", i.e. Flashcraft Tower Defence) has baddies of increasing toughness who come at players in wave after wave of baddie creeps.

Previously we reviewed Flash Element TD, which is the most popular of the flash tower defense games. The Flashcraft Tower Defence online game provides a worthy alternative to Flash Element TD players looking for other challenges. In this review, we provide hints and a winning strategy for the game. The game has three levels of increasing difficulty, the easiest being relatively easy to beat, and the highest most difficult.

As in tower defense games, players build towers and blast the baddies as they come by. A cheat, or more correctly a strategy, we have found works is lining the roadway with ice tower cannon first to slow down the baddies, then ultra towers. You also can add a light tower or two, but at higher levels we prefer ice and ultra towers. Upgrade to the max when possible. Also click on the red tower being defended at the center of the maze and buy defenses to the max for it. The green Tech Tower is at the lower right of the maze and provides tools to increase powers, including Building to up building speed, Walls to increase defenses, and piercing power. It also will be necessary to by increasing Tech Levels. In more difficult play of Flashcraft Tower Defence, buying wall strength is particularly important. Building speed also is important because you will need to upgrade towers while under attack.

As in the Flash Element TD game, there are trade-offs depending on which of the tools or towers you need. One key is to upgrade towers as you can. The ice towers although less valuable are good for slowing the baddies, as the water towers are in Flash Element TD. Although the Flashcraft Tower Defence game pre-dates the Flash Element TD online game, in our view the Flash Element TD online game sets the standard now because of its popularity and continual evolution. However, the Flashcraft Tower Defence online game is a worthy alternative in the tower defense genre.

You can find the game here: Flashcraft Tower Defence, and online tower defense game.


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