Line Rider Game

Line Rider is an often imitated free online game, that has become a hugely popular Internet sensation.

BEWARE: this game is addictive! The basic idea is the character rides lines the player creates, unless he hits the end of the line, in which case he flies into space to descend forever into a bottomless abyss. Lines can be drawn, erased and glued together. Literally thousands of Line Rider game play videos have been created. We've posted some of the best LineRider videos here.

Dozens of sites have sprung up copying the popular flash game. We will give two links to "official" sites that will provide your best and probably safest playing experience.

There also are some imitation sites that have sprung up. If the Linerider online game you find does not have the character we posted here, it likely is an imitation.

The legend of creation of the Line Rider online game is that the game was created in Slovenia by Boštjan Cadež in 2006. The game has developed a following and players can create videos of their play, and post them on Recently a company named InXile Entertainment announced it had the rights to develop a new version of the game suitable for game players like Xbox or Nintendo Wii. There are rumors that InXile is trying to stop the fake sites, one of which could be, which posted a message on their site loosely acknowledging they were not authorized, but stating they are trying to work out a deal. Another fake site may be at, which has statements posted that they are "not affiliated with the inXile".

In any event we support the legitimate creators, and here are some great sites to find and play the free Line Rider online game:

  • Line Rider Game at - posted by user *fsk, who is Boštjan Cadež the original creator. This site has the original version of the game, and the link above is for the updated version. This version was downloaded over 1,000,000 times.


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